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Top 5 Ways Massage Therapy Can Help You Reach Your Health & Wellness Goals

What Qualifications Do Registered Massage Therapists Have? Registered Massage Therapists (also known as RMT’s) undergo a two-year rigorous training program, after which they become qualified to evaluate and treat most musculoskeletal injuries. As respected health care professionals with growing demand, RMT’s are uniquely qualified to provide hands-on treatments to maintain optimal health and wellness.  Our Registered Massage Therapists Jacqueline Staveley

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Working Class Physiotherapy – The Everyday Heroes We Love Working With

We love all our clients, that’s for sure. However, there is a common misconception that physiotherapists deal primarily with rehabilitation patients. This stems from both a common misunderstanding of what rehab entails and a lack of awareness of a physio’s full range of skills.  We’re here to set the record straight: Physiotherapy can help almost anybody. This blog will focus
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Building Strength With Physiotherapy

Introduction When our bodies don’t cooperate, it can create a debilitating cascade of negative effects. Nearly everybody understands, at least intuitively, that physical exercise represents a pillar of well-being.  However, oftentimes the absence of physical activity is not due to a lack of will or desire. Instead, many people struggle in silence with an underlying physical health issue that prevents
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Achieve Optimal Health With Acupuncture

Here at Rose City Wellness, one of our core beliefs is that you shouldn’t seek health care exclusively when you aren’t feeling well. To live a fulfilled life requires us to thrive! We begin to thrive when we seek optimal health. Not only does this help to prevent chronic illness, but it allows you to strive towards feeling your very
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5 tips to stay healthy over the holidays!

The Christmas Holidays are the perfect storm for increased stress, fatigue and unfortunately increased weight too. Here are some tips to keep your energy up, stress levels down, and stay on track with healthy eating this festive season. 1. Exercise – Don’t get so caught up in all the holiday hustle that you feel there is not enough time to

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