Acupuncture: The History And Treatments Behind This Traditional Chinese Medicine

The History And Treatments Behind This Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture is a safe alternative to medication and can be used to relieve pain stemming from both body and mind. Acupuncture stimulates circulation and a multitude of systems that are essential for health. Treating both the symptoms and root cause of health. Acupuncture utilizes points throughout the body, both locally and a distance away from the pain (Acupuncture Canada, 2008).

Acupuncture utilizes points throughout the body, and primarily, the appropriate needle application is located a distance away from the pain (Acupuncture Canada, 2008). It is expected for the treatment to include 3 stages:


The acupuncturist uses various needles and inserts them throughout your body where necessary. The needles are thin in nature, so there is typically little to no discomfort. The needles are often inserted to different depth levels, and you will feel a slight ache feeling when they are at the correct depth. 


It is common in the process that the acupuncturist will slightly adjust the needles by moving the placement. During this time, there should be little to no discomfort other than a slight ache from readjusting the needles.


Once inserted, and in the correct placement, needles can remain in position for an average of 10 – 30 minutes. When it’s time for the needles to be removed, there is usually no discomfort and the removal process is quick and easy.
Acupuncture also provides a lot of benefits, which you can read more about in our previous blog; here.

The History   

Acupuncture’s history originates from China with the earliest documentation being a few hundred years before the Common Era. The theory that was developed centralizes itself around the belief that energy flows throughout the human body in a channel like fashion that creates balance and health. This energy flow is referred to as Qi (Pronounced as: “Chee”).  

Today, Qi is explained in a similar manner to many systems of the body including the nervous system, lymphatic system, and circulatory system. These meridians act as pathways of flow and connect major functions to the body – and as you would expect, this strongly impacts and ultimately improves function, and enhances energy. As acupuncture was developed in China, it was also documented to be most effective when paired with herbs, soft tissue work and the appropriate diet (A. White, 2004). 

As mentioned above, the actual practice of acupuncture can involve the insertion of needles at a considerable distance from the point on which they are to act. An example of this could include inserting a needle into the pad of the thumb in relation to pain located in the abdomen (NCCIH, 2006). There are also successive points on a specific meridian that may affect widely different areas or conditions. For example the first six points of the yin lung meridian deal primarily with: Swollen joints, bleeding of the nose, heart pains, mental depression, and the difficulties of raising arms. The culture and processes behind acupuncture has developed over the years, but the traditions behind it’s purpose has remained – consequently, the western world has widely adopted acupuncture (Britannica, 2014).

As explained throughout our previous blog, achieving optimal health all starts with you! You and your body will both thrive reaching optimal health – and acupuncture is a great start to get you there.


At this point you’ve come to understand that acupuncture has a long, rich, Chinese history and has been adapted easily to Western culture. The history and traditions surrounding the technique are still widely used today, and are strongly encouraged in achieving your optimal health. Logan, our Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, is here to listen to your pain concerns, and provide acupuncture solutions that best fit your needs. Our Naturopathic Doctor, Susan, can conduct acupuncture treatments, and can also provide relief solutions.

Our mission has always been to help you thrive and live your healthiest life. At Rose City Wellness, we are committed to providing you with the best support and evidence-based approach to healthy living – allowing your body to be in it’s best condition possible. We provide treatments that fit every lifestyle, body condition and our team is always here to support you where you see fit.

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