Kinesio Taping

What Exactly is Kinesio Taping?

Kinesio taping is the use of cotton-made tape, specifically designed to facilitate the natural healing process of the body, providing support, and stability to the muscles and joints. One of the benefits and characteristics of the bandage is that it acts without restricting the range of body movement, thanks to its physical characteristics.

One of the great problems that exist is that not everyone is familiar with this kind of therapy and how it can work for them.

What does Kinesio Taping mean?

It is the union of the words kinesiology (study of movement) and tape. Simple as that!

What Are the Tapes Made Of?

The tapes are made of cotton, and are 100% anti-allergenic, designed to resemble the skin, and unlike common tapes or bandages has a protective paper on the side of its glue, which helps us have a better handling at the time of the application. Its main characteristic is its elasticity and its retraction capacity without losing its shape.

How Can Kinesio Taping Help You

Kinesio Tape and Rock Tape are specially developed tapes that can be applied to painful joints and muscles to help decrease pain and improve function. This is achieved by action of the nervous system which is stimulated by the placement of the tape. These types of tapes are unique in the way that they are stretchy and do not limit range of motion during activities, which is ideal for athletic or work performance. Both tapes allow for lymphatic drainage which will decrease swelling, as well as improved proprioception (nerve function) around the area both of which can effectively decrease pain symptoms. Kinesio Tape is good for shoulders, knees and ankle injuries as well as torn or strained muscles.

How Does The K-Tape Work?

The real benefit for our bodies is the main characteristic of these tapes: Their elasticity capacity, that when applied under a certain amount of tension, will generate a small lifting of the skin, thus creating a space between the skin and the muscle.

Remembering that the most important feature is its elasticity capacity, that despite being stretched by 90 to 100% returns to its original state and size, we understand that by placing it on the skin with a tension of 70%, for example, by logic it will return to its normal size, but the big difference will be that it will do so by stretching out onto the skin, creating a lift of the epidermis.

This space helps all the toxins and inflammatory mediators, produced by the injury, to be released, circulate or drain out.

Last Minute Recommendations:

Remember that the tape does not contain any kind of medication, substance, gel, etc. But also remember that not all people have the same type of skin, some are more delicate and thin, for example in babies and in the elderly.



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  • $95
  • Subsequent (15 min)
  • $55
  • Subsequent (30 min)
  • $85

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*Pediatric, student and senior discounts apply.

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