Custom Orthotics and Gaitscan

What Are Custom Orthotics?

Orthotics are custom devices worn inside your shoes to correct feet function. Think of them as braces for your feet. They help reducing stress and strain on your body by properly aligning your feet. They are extremely comfortable and you will be aware of its benefits once you start using them regularly.

If you have experienced one or several of the above disorders, you might be a right candidate for custom orthotics.


The gait scan is a state of the art computerized pressure plate used to accurately diagnose distribution throughout the whole of your foot in both standing and walking. This computer scan will display 2 and 3D visual representations of the pressure under your foot.

It will identify any abnormalities in pressure, sequence and timing. It recaps this information into a report, which will determine your orthotic needs. This information along with the findings from your biomechanical, physiotherapy assessment is than sent to TOG.

Once you have been thoroughly analyzed, your custom made orthotics will be manufactured to specifically target your needs.



  • Initial Treatment
  • $95
  • Subsequent (15 min)
  • $55
  • Subsequent (30 min)
  • $85

Chiropractic rates include taxes.

*Pediatric, student and senior discounts apply.

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