Vernon Registered Massage Therapist, Jenny McFarlen, RMT, Rose City Wellness

Jenny McFarlen, RMT

Jenny McFarlen was drawn to the Okanagan in 2008, from Vancouver Island, to take the registered massage therapy program with the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy (OVCMT). While she’s been maintaining her massage practice since 2011, Jenny also joined the staff at OVCMT in 2014 to help supervise massage students part time.

Since she completed her schooling at the college, Jenny has furthered her training in myofascial treatment, specific TMJ (jaw) treatment, and ligament articular strain techniques. These modalities compliment her existing training from OVCMT of trigger point therapy, joint mobilizations, myofascial treatment to name a few.

Jenny feels truly passionate about correcting pain and dysfunction within her patients whether through empowering them to make change, or using whatever assessment tools or treatment techniques she feels will best suite them. Every patient and condition is different, and deserves to be approached individually and with great care.

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Jenny McFarlen, RMT
Job Title
Vernon Registered Massage Therapist
Rose City Wellness
2920 A 28th Ave,
Vernon, BC, V1T 1V9